• Collaborating with PES

    The films and commercials I have animated for and with PES

  • What The Cluck?!?

  • Steamboat Willie Redux

    Animated wire sculpture titles for this Disney commissioned remake of the classic cartoon

  • Friendship Allstars of Friendship

    A very funny and endearing stop motion web series, by good friends and about good friends

  • Lobster Always Wins
    - by Dillon Markey

    A manic experiment with stream of consciousness animation

  • Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special

    Highlights and info from the RCDC Special

  • Robot Chicken Season 6

    Character Animation highlights from my second season on Robot Chicken

  • Fresh Guacamole
    - by PES

    Academy Award Nominated for Best Animated Short Film 2013

  • It's A Spongebob Christmas

  • Mary Shelley's Frankenhole

    An animated satire of the world of the occult.

  • Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode III

  • Robot Chicken Season 5 Highlights

  • William S. Burroughs: A Man Within
    - by Yony Leiser

  • Over the River and Through the Higher Dimensions
    - by Dillon Markey

    A normal trip to Gramma's takes a turn for the extraordinary

  • I Live in the Woods
    - by Max Winston

    A woodsman's journey leads to a violent confrontation with God (Dillon Markey)

  • Hello, My Name is Joe
    - by Dillon Markey